Gold Winner
Title: Mosul
Broadcaster: FRONTLINE, PBS, Channel 4
Country: United States / United Kingdom
Production: Mongoose Pictures
Executive Producer: Daniel Edge
Producer: James Jones
Director: Olivier Sarbil

Title: Big Pacific
Broadcaster: A PBS, CCTV9 and NHNZ co-production with ARTE, Channel 9, Discovery Networks Europe, ZDF
Country: United States / New Zealand
Production: NHNZ
Executive Producer: Kyle Murdoch
Producer: Hayes Baxley

Title: Kembara Kasih SR3 (A Journey to Love Season 3)
Broadcaster: SURIA, MediaCorp Singapore
Country: Singapore
Production: Filmat36 (S) Pte Ltd
Executive Producer: Kathy Lee
Producer: Eric Lim
Director: Eric Lim / Oman Dass

Title: Stronger than a Bullet
Broadcaster: SVT, Arte France, YLE, NRK, DR,TVO
Country: Sweden
Production: Nimafilm dox
Executive Producer: Emelie Persson
Producer: Nima Sarvestani
Director: Maryam Ebrahimi
Editor: Jesper Osmund

Title: Raped: My Story
Broadcaster: Channel 5
Country: United Kingdom
Production: Lambent Productions
Executive Producer: Emma Wakefield & Ollie Tait
Producer: Catey Sexton
Director: Catey Sexton

Performing Arts

Gold Winner
Broadcaster: France Televisions – France 2 & Mezzo
Country: France
Production: Wahoo Production
Executive Producer: Odile Carlotti
Producer: Frederic Allain
Director: Stephane Lebard
Director of Photography: Eric Genillier

Broadcaster: France Televisions – France 2
Country: France
Production: Wahoo Production
Executive Producer: Odile Carlotti
Producer: Frederic Allain
Director: Stephan Aube
Director of Photography: Cecile Trelluyer

Title: Nijinsky
Broadcaster: Arte (NDR)
Country: Germany / France
Production: C Major Entertainment
Executive Producer: Elmar Kruse
Producer: Jean-Alexander Ntvyihabwa
Director: Thomas Grimm

Title: Franco Zeffirelli – Directing from Life
Broadcaster: ORF
Country: Austria / United Kingdom
Production: Stanza Media Limited
Executive Producer: Reiner Moritz
Producer: Chris Hunt
Director: Chris Hunt

Light Entertainment

Gold Winner
Title: Cruising with Jane McDonald
Broadcaster: Channel 5
Country: United Kingdom
Production: Elephant House Studios
Executive Producer: Jeff Anderson
Producer: James Peters
Director: Jon Cowen

Title: Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert
Broadcaster: VOX
Country: Germany
Production: Thomas Wißmann/VOX, Torsten Sprick/Talpa Germany
Executive Producer: Kyle Murdoch
Director: Nadja Zonsarowa

Title: Wer weiß denn sowas?
Broadcaster: Das Erste
Country: Germany
Production: UFA SHOW & FACTUAL
Executive Producer: Christof Schulte
Producer: Hendrik Thieler
Director: Sven Bischop

Children / Youth

Gold Winner
Title: ZombieLars
Broadcaster: NRK Super
Country: Norway
Production: Tordenfilm
Executive Producer: Eric Vogel
Producer: Anne Bergseng, Gisle Halvorsen
Director: Atle Knudsen, Tonje Voreland
Series Creator: Thomas Seeberg Torjussen

Title: First Day
Broadcaster: ABC ME
Country: Australia
Production: Epic Films
Executive Producer: Libbie Doherty
Producer: Kirsty Stark
Director: Julie Kalceff

Title: Children of Chance
Broadcaster: La Une
Country: Belgium
Production: Les Films de la Passerelle
Executive Producer: Christine Pireaux
Producer: Christine Pireaux
Director: Thierry Michel, Pascal Colson
Script: Christine Pireaux, Thierry Michel, Pascal Colson

Title: Oddbods- The Abominable Snowbear
Broadcaster: Boomerang / Disney Channel
Country: Italy / Singapore / Global
Production: One Animation
Executive Producer: Sashim Paramanand
Producer: John McKenna
Director: Christian Cheshire
Creative Director & Written by: Richard Thomas

Title: Disney’s Cookabout
Broadcaster: SABC 2
Country: South Africa
Production: Penguin Films
Executive Producer: David Mercer
Producer: Roberta Durrant
Director: Jemma Spring
DOP: Craig Alsop

Title: The Playlist
Broadcaster: CBBC
Country: United Kingdom
Production: Strawberry Blond TV
Executive Producer: Steve Wynne
Producer: Hannah Smith
Director: Steve Wynne

Reality TV

Gold Winner
Title: Employable Me
Broadcaster: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Country: Australia
Production: Northern Pictures
Executive Producer: Karina Holden & Sue Clothier
Producer: Jenni Wilks
Director: Cian O’Clery


Gold Winner
Title: Bigg Boss 11 – Nosy Neighbours
Broadcaster: Colors
Country: India
Production: Viacom18 Media (Colors)
Executive Producer: Viacom18 Media (Colors)
Producer: Colors
Director: Colors

Title: Founder’s Valley – Food
Broadcaster: DW
Country: Germany / Global
Production: DW Business
Executive Producer: Manuela Kasper-Claridge
Producer: Carmen Meyer / Yeni Artanti
Director: Film by Joanna Gottschalk (Editor/Reporter)
Presented by: Fridjof Detzner

Branded Entertainment

Gold Winner
Title: Route Awakening Season3
Broadcaster: National Geographic Asia
Country: China
Production: Sitting In Pictures
Country: Singapore
Executive Producer: Tan Chih Chong
Producer: Chang Soh Kiak
Director: Chang Soh Kiak
Writer: Chang Soh Kiak

Title: Fulfillment Campaign
Broadcaster: TV3
Country: Lithuania
Production: All Media Lithuania (TV3)
Executive Producer: Jolita Vitkauskaitė (TV3)
Creative Director: Arvydas Rimas

Title: India banega manch
Broadcaster: Colors
Country: India
Production: Colors


Gold Winner
Title: Regnbågshjältar / Rainbow Heroes
Broadcaster: SVT / Swedish Television
Country: Sweden
Production: Filmriding and Swedish Television
Executive Producer: Linn Hellstrand and Niklas Hyland
Producer: Elin Norberg
Director: Elin Norberg
Host/Reporter: Kajsa Bergqvist

Title: Ya Mas – Snowmads in Greece
Broadcaster: Red Bull TV
Country: Austria
Production: NINE&ONE
Executive Producer: Karin Lechner
Producer: Karin Lechner
Director: Marco Freudenreich
Starring and narrated by: Fabian Lentsch

Title: Shredding Monsters: Mavericks
Broadcaster: Olympic Channel
Country: Spain / Global
Production: Olympic Channel
Executive Producer: Olympic Channel
Producer: JT Taylor
Director: JT Taylor, Pedro Temboury

Program Promotion

Gold Winner
Country: Czech Republic
Production: Department for TV PRIMA
Executive Producer: Michal Pacina
Producer: Viktor Jansik
Director: Pavel Fuksa
Music: Jan P.Muchow

Title: Program Open „Arthurs Gesetz“
Broadcaster: EntertainTV/TNT Comedy
Country: Germany
Production: Mutter & Vater Productions/Turner Central and Eastern Europe
Executive Producer: Massuda Kassem, Anke Greifeneder
Director: Raf Gasak
Composer: Christoph Blaser

Title: Tele 5 Autumn Trailer 2017
Broadcaster: Tele 5 TM-TV GmbH
Country: Germany
Production: Opium Effect Gmbh
Executive Producer: Joerg Zuber
Producer: Stella Breitsprecher & Georg Dehghan
Director: Georg Deghan
Leitung Verkaufsmarketing: Markus Jarre

Title: Cricket Ident
Broadcaster: NICK-INDIA
Country: India
Production: Viacom18 Media (NICK-INDIA)
Executive Producer: Sanhita Das – Creative Director
Director: Sanhita Das
Concept & Production: Vaibhav Studios

Title: Mahakali Bindi
Broadcaster: Colors
Country: India
Production: Viacom18 Media (Colors)
Executive Producer: Viacom18 Media (Colors)
Producer: Colors
Director: Colors

Technical High Quality

Gold Winner
Title: Nova TV’s AR tactical analysis of FIFA World Cup 2018 football games
Broadcaster: Nova TV
Country: Croatia
Production: Nova TV
Executive Producer: Antonio Blašković
Director: Ksenija Kardum
Head of Graphical Production Department: Goran Bortas

Title: The Tales of Hoffmann
Broadcaster: France Televisions – France 2
Country: France
Production: Wahoo Production
Executive Producer: Odile Carlotti
Producer: Frederic Allain
Director: Stephan Aube
Director of Photography: Cecile Trelluyer

Title: 4 BLOCKS | Entführt und gefoltert – Hautnah in 360° (engl. title: Inside the World of 4 Blocks)
Broadcaster: TNT Serie
Country: Germany
Production: Grabow & Bartetzko Filmproduktion
Executive Producer: Philip Grabow, Sebastian Bartetzko
Director: Erec Brehmer
Production Coordinator: Lena Deutinger


Gold Winner
Title: De Luizenmoeder
Broadcaster: AVROTROS / NPO3
Country: Netherlands
Production: Bing Film & TV BV
Executive Producer: Pavel Marik
Producer: Ingmar Menning
Director: Jan Albert de Weerd

Best TV Series

Gold Winner
Title: 4 Blocks
Broadcaster: TNT Serie
Country: Germany
Production: Wiedemann & Berg
Executive Producer: Max Widemann, Quirin Berg, Hannes Heyelmann, Anke Greifeneder, Eva Stadler, Karsten Rühle
Director: Marvin Kren
Authors: Hanno Hackfort, Bob Konrad, Richard Kropf

Title: Pure Love
Broadcaster: Nova TV
Country: Croatia
Production: Nova TV
Executive Producer: Sanja Tucman
Producer: Dario Pleić
Director: Josip Žuvan, Zoran Margetić, Davor Kapac, Tanja Golić
Author: Nataša Buljan

Title: Captain Exner
Broadcaster: Prima TV
Country: Czech Republic
Production: Daniel Severa Production
Executive Producer: Daniel Severa
Producer: Prima TV
Director: Vít Karas
Writer: Jan Drbohlav

Title: Ku’damm 59
Broadcaster: ZDF
Country: Germany
Production: UFA Fiction
Executive Producer: Benjamin Benedict, Marc Lepetit
Director: Sven Bohse
Writer and Creative Producer: Annette Hess

Best TV Movie

Gold Winner
Title: Summer of ’44 – The Lost Generation
Broadcaster: ARD
Country: Germany
Production: Zieglerfilm Baden Baden
Executive Producer: Marc Müller- Kaldenberg
Director: Friedemann Fromm
Author: Friedemann Fromm, based on the novel „Die Freibadclique“

Best Talent

Gold Winner
Title: Wave
Country: Ireland
Production: Assembly
Executive Producer: Rebecca Bourke
Producer: Rebecca Bourke
Director: Benjamin Cleary and TJ O’Grady-Peyton

Title: Drum Wave
Country: Australia
Production: Ardent Entertainment
Executive Producer: Samantha Jennings, Jackie Fish, Jake Robb
Producer: Emma Haarburger
Director: Natalie Erika James
Cinematographer: Charlie Sarroff

Title: Jagrlama
Country: Czech Republic
Production: Bistro Films
Director: Marek Partys
DOP: Dusan Husar

Title: APPLE · shot on iPhone X · Paris, Lyon, Marseille
Country: France / Global
Production: Frenzy Paris
Executive Producer: Elsa Rakotoson, Ada Zitouni, Cédric Barus
Director: Axel Morin
Editor: Tianès Montasser

Title: Detainment
Country: Ireland
Production: Twelve Media
Executive Producer: Vincent Lambe
Producer: Darren Mahon, Vincent Lambe, Robert Dwyer-Joyce
Director: Vincent Lambe
Director of Photography: Patrick Jordan

Title: The Bird & the Whale
Country: Ireland
Production: Paper Panther Productions
Executive Producer: Emma Scott, Pauline McNamara
Producer: Jonathan Clarke
Director: Carol Freeman

Title: 317
Country: South Africa
Production: The Animation School
Executive Producer: The Animation School
Producer: Benito Kok
Director: Katy Chan
Animation: Karla Wasserfall, Masechaba Bekebeke, Jerome Makiti and Tanatswa Masawi

Title: Sgualdrina
Country: Italy / United Kingdom
Production: DMB Represents & BTW Productions
Executive Producer: Carlota Ruiz de Velasco
Producer: Brande Bytheway
Director: Nadia Lee Cohen

Title: The Mess
Country: United Kingdom
Production: Independent
Executive Producer: Dorothy Allen-Pickard
Producer: Lauren Pringle
Director: Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Title: Aftershock
Country: United States
Production: Light House Studio
Executive Producer: Ryan Beard, Ceci Becker, Alexander Gaither, Stephen Gentry
Producer: Ryan Beard, Ceci Becker, Alexander Gaither, Stephen Gentry

Title: Perfectly Normal
Country: United States
Production: Joris Debeij/Mphasis
Executive Producer: Marieke Oudejans