It is exciting to celebrate television programs with a passion for trade and media. This event is about to be born as a tribute to the TV creation, at a time when broadcast is challenged by multimedia.

And yet there is a current tendency that pushes television work to a level of cultural reference, more than any other artistic product in its time. The Venice TV Award project has been started at a time when UHD contributes to the nobility of images and sounds.

It is time to give a statement, that the TV Industry is more than alive. Social media, mobile platforms are not the new television. Television is the new television. In a changing Media-Landscape TV is still very effective. And a cornerstone of peoples live and democracy.

The VTVA is highlighting that in Europe alone 600,000 people create TV programs reaching 610 million viewers daily across the continent, that TV is a $260 billion industry worldwide with around 38’500 TV channels operating.

The International TV Award 2018 will honor a medium that holds central place in the lives of millions of people.
To celebrate their love of television and our passion.

Focused on high quality content, the selected work sets the standard for creativity across the TV industry.



The First International Venice Television Award is supported by egta, ACT and IMZ.


„The Venice TV Award is celebrating the power of creativity as a force for business, for change and for good.“

Franz Prenner

CEO Canneslions International Advertising Competition, the world´s biggest Festival of Creativity – 2003

Board member since 1999 and President of egta EGTA (European Group of Television Advertising) 2011 – 2016, Actual Honorary President